Films on the horizon 2018

Films on the horizon 2018
"FILMS ON THE HORIZON" is a work-in-progress presentation of upcoming features for children and youth from the Nordic countries. This year 5 different projects will be presented on April 26th.


 FILMS ON THE HORIZON is an work-in-progress presentations of upcoming Nordic features for children and youth, set in an informal atmosphere. The evening's host is Stina Ask Mikkelsen, Head of Programme at KICFF (p.t on maternity leave). The presentations are followed by dinner and drinks at Aladdin.

We will be presenting 5 projects. Each presentation will be approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Stina Ask Mikkelsen will be interviewing the filmmakers on stage. All presentations are in English.


ALONE IN SPACE (Sweden 2018) | Feature Film | Nice Drama

Alone in Space is an ambitious, adventurous, warm & funny genre feature film that doesn't shy away from big questions about life and death. The film takes the audience on a ride with two kids lost in space, accompanied by a friendly alien.


HALVDAN VIKING (English title: TBA) (Sweden 2018) | Feature Film | Anagram Sverige 

Halvdan is not a proper Viking. He's having a limp and is regarded by the other kids as a strange loner with no friends, except for the village blacksmith Björn who's taken care of him since Halvdan's father left on a plundering trip.

Across the mighty river there's an enemy village that has been in a feud with Halvdan's tribe for as long as anyone can remember. One day during Halvdan's lonely excursions to the river he encounters Meia, the daughter of the enemy village ruler. A heart-warming and funny family adventure about bridging differences and forbidden friendship unfolds


DIVA OF FINLAND (Finland 2019) | Feature Film | Silva Mysterium Oy

DIVA OF FINLAND is a coming-of-age story of finding your own self, a more genuine one through meeting another person, a scary one. Facing her own uncertainties and the consequences of her actions makes Henna, our 18-year-old main character, step out of her shell and meet the world as a more mature and grownup woman – although Life never gives us easy answers.


KAPTAJN BIMSE  (English title: TBA) (Denmark 2018) | Feature Film | 41Shadow

7-year-old Anna is having trouble sleeping at night. She accidentally left her favourite doll, Sophie, at her family's holiday home and Anna's parents won't drive all the way to Rørvig in order toretrieve the doll. Just as Anna is wondering if Sophie feels lonely, the young girl suddenly hears a strange sound.


CATTLE HILL (Norway 2018) | Feature Film | Qvisten Animation

Klara is a young city calf with a big dream of becoming a star. Klara tralvels immediately to the countryside to met her father, and the journey changes entirely Klara's prospect of becoming a star.

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