What to see in Kristiansand?

Obviously the main reason to come to Kristiansand is Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival. But if you find yourself with some extra time in between film screenings - we recommend checking out the following nearby sights.

- Spoil yourself with an ice cream in the sun!

The fish markets on the fishing pier is one of the main tourist attractions in Kristiansand. Here you can buy all kinds of fishes, even some alive. If you want to buy an ice cream and watch the boat life, the fishing pier is a wonderful place to go. You can also go to one of many restaurants to enjoy good food and a beer in the sun. The fishing pier is only a two minutes walking distance from the Kristiansand Cinema, and a great stop on the way to beautiful Odderøya.


- A beautiful walk by the ocean in the town center

On the Kristiansand boardwalk, you can see nice parks, the second largest fountain in Norway and a statue of Camilla Collett. A famous Norwegian writer. On the way, make sure to visit Christiansholm Fortress that was built in 1672 to defend the city of Kristiansand. At the end of the walk, you will come to the Kristiansand public City Beach. This also is in great walking distance to the Kristiansand cinema. Almost all the lunches during the week will be located at the Kristiansand boardwalk.


- Visit Kristiansand's open-air museum!

Kristiansand Museum has 40 old houses arranged in the Setesdal Farmyard and the Old Street of Kristiansand. Take a walk through the beautiful open-air museum. Let the guides tell you about the history and traditions, let the children play and enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafeteria in Mørch's Pavilion. The Kristiansand museum is only a five minutes' drive with Car from the city center.


- Enjoy incredible art!

During the festival week the Art Gallery will show work done by Leonard Richard and Sveinung Rudjord Unneland. The theme by mr. Unndeland is an imagination of the sun as a square. Mr. Richard's art reveals a fundamental complexity, restlessness and vulnerability. Located in the city library, about a 5 minutes walk from the cinema, you will find the Art Gallery.


- North Europe's biggest collection of low- and old wooden buildings!

After a big city fire in 1892, "Posebyen" was the only part of the city that was left. This part is also the oldest part of the city, where mostly workers, servants and sailors lived. They could live approximately forty people in each house plus soldiers on the roof.

By taking a walk in "Posebyen" you should try to find Bentsen's House, the previous post office, and Thorkild's cheapeau. A map of houses to see in "Posebyen" can you find at the accreditation office right next to the cinema entrance.


- 150 various animal species in one park!

Norway's biggest family attraction with a adventures for the hole family. Some of the great things you can experience in the Kristiansand Zoo is the big various of animal species from all over the world, the Nordic Wilderness, "Kardemomme by" and "Kutoppen" where you can see all the Norwegian farm animals. Also, do not forget to visit the pirates in "Captain Sabertooth's World".

If you want to have some fun in the water, take a trip to the big water island and enjoy the slides and pools.


- Take a walk and enjoy the beautiful view, only a couple of minutes from the Cinema!

The previous marine base is now a free area where you can take a walk and enjoy the magnificent view over the ocean and Kristiansand. You can see old canon emplacements, small beaches and long coastal rocks. A trip around the island is around 3 km long and is marked well. On the way, you can find a sweet little café, which is open every Sunday, selling coffee and waffles to all the sporty hikers.


- Visit a landmark in Kristiansand!

You can see Kilden Theatre- and Concert House on Odderøya, only a short distance from the Kristiansand Cinema. Kilden was built in 2012 and is famous for its "wavy" wall, and the building has won several architectural awards worldwide.


- Fun for everyone in the family!

Aquarama is a big waterpark located on the beautiful city beach. Here you can take a swim in the athletic pool, play in the waterpark and enjoy the heated pools in the relaxation area. Aquarama has six different pool areas with five different water temperatures. In the water park, you can go diving or try the slide. Additionally to the water park, Aquarama offers a spa area and fitness center.


- Experience the beauty of Norwegian nature!

Ravnedalen is a park in Kristiansand, close to the walking area Baneheia. Ravnedalen was a former barracks for about 1.200 soldiers. The plan was to make a shooting arena in the area, but general Wergerland meant the area was too beautiful to be used for shooting. Because of him, tourist and locals now can visit the park and enjoy the beautiful nature. When you visit Ravnedalen today, you can see a statue of General Wergerland and Norway's biggest spruce tree. The park also has a nice café, and during the summer, you can go there to see concerts and do activities.


- Let the kids have fun while learning!

The art museum is located in the middle of the city and shows Norwegian art from 1800 until today. On the children's art museum can kids from 0 to 12 years old experience art in rooms specially created for them. They offer art trails where the kids can find easy answers related to the art. This is a fun way to learn about Norwegian art history. The museum also brag about having the best coffee in Kristiansand, so if you want a coffee break, you should try it out.


- Visit one of Norway's oldest museums!

Agder natural history museum was founded in 1828 and shows parts of the natural history of South Norway going back to the last ice age. You can also see colorful minerals from all over the world. The Agder Botanical Garden provides horticultural information, and is a place of recreation for the general public. The garden includes an old English landscape park and the Millenium garden. Also see the main attraction, the Fuchsia plants and other exotic plants.


- See the world's second largest cannon ever to be mounted on land

In 1940, during the second world war, the Germans needed to guard the shipping lanes of the Skagerak, which was the reason why these gigantic cannons came to Møvik in Krisitansand. The Kistiansand cannon museum is also called the "Vara Battery" after one of the German engineer that died in 1941. The Battery was never used in the war, but it was tested during and after.

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