Award Winners KICFF 2019

The BFF Children’s Film Award went to “Romy’s Salon”. The ECFA Award went to “Fight Girl”. The short film “Traces” won the BFF Short Film Award for best Norwegian short film in the competition programme. The Children's Jury picked “My Extraordinary Summer With Tess” as their favorite. The Audience Award went to "Super Miss" and "El Ángel" was awarded the best Youth film.

Saturday evening, there was a total of seven Award that was handed out at the Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival (KICFF). The Award ceremony marks the completion of the 22nd Children’s Film Festival in Kristiansand that screened 96 films during a total of six days.

The BFF Children’s Film Award went to Romy’s Salon and the BFF Short Film Award to Traces

The BFF Children’s Film Award went to the Dutch movie ROMY'S SALON, directed by Mischa Kamp and with Vita Heijmen and Beppie Melissen as the two main characters. The award is a 50 000 NOK prize to support distribution of the film in Norway, a diploma and a trophy.

- This year's jury has seen nine European movies. The quality has been high, and it has not been easy to select a winner. There is a clear tendency of raising problems in society within the frame of a storyline and cinematic aesthetics with appeal to children. The film we have selected as a winner is no exception. The winner deals with two persons in a relationship that develops from skepticism to a growing respect and ends up with a unique cooperation. The movie is funny, wistful, tragic and full of love. It is impressively well acted and told in a way that is calm, yet full of tension. The ending brought tears to the eyes of the jury. It will be suitable for tying bonds between the youngest and oldest generation.

The Jury consisted of Cinema Director in Kongsberg, Even Thunes Jensen, temporary Festival Director of the Shortfilmfestival in Grimstad, Åse Meyer, and Journalist, Author Fredrik Wandrup. The same jury also presented the BFF Short Film Award to the Best Norwegian short film in the competition programme. The winning film is automatically shortlisted/nominated for the Amanda Award 2019. The jury selected TRACES directed by Ingvild Søderlind as the winner. The jury considered seven Norwegian short film in the competition.

- The jury has seen seven Norwegian short films in competition, whereas the winner will be shortlisted for the Norwegian Amanda Award and receives a diploma and the KICFF trophy. The winner film is an intense, precise and poetic depiction of a relationship between a brother and his older sister. Nature is playing an important role in this film, framing the story in a beautiful way and giving us a glimpse into something bigger and mysterious. A stringent direction and strong visuality give a distinct and rare quality to the winner film Sportegn by director Ingvild Søderlind.


ECFA-award goes to Fight Girl

The jury consisted of Ingrid Stensen (Programme director, TIFF Junior), Alexandre Dupont-Geisselmann (Distributor, Farbfilm verleih) and Johanna Thelander (Distributor, FilmCentrum).

- The ECFA Jury have seen eleven different and very amazing films from all over Europe. We have decided to give the Best European Children’s Film Award to FIGHT GIRL by Johan Timmer. The film deals with several subjects like friendship, divorce of the parents, losing a social status and the transformation to a teenager life. What starts is an impressive story about a young girl that takes her faith in her own hands. Bodil or Bo as she calls herself is strong, tough and protective, she takes care of her brother when he gets bullied at school. She makes her own decisions, takes responsibility for herself and is fighting for justice. Inside her it looks different, her fears and problems get transformed into anger and aggression that this tiny girl can barely control.

The film allows us not only to follow the story even more, as we as an audience fight with Bo, we feel her anger, we understand her feelings, we go with her through her ups and downs. The film has a good pace, an outstanding main character played by Aiko Beemsterboer and authentic settings. FIGHT GRIL is an impressive film about finding your place in life, cope with your fears and anger and be responsible for yourself.


The Childrens's Jury Award goes to My Extraordinary Summer With Tess

KICFF also includes a children’s jury which consists of five jury members, aged 11-13 years old. They present the Barn-i-byen Award, which is an award given in collaboration with a local magazine for families in Kristiansand. This years jury consists of: Sofia Aas-Rupa, Mathilde Knutsen, Alex Charles Herlofsen, Snorre Cornelius Sund and Victoria Rojas.

The Children’s jury favourite was MY EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER WITH TESS directed by Steven Wouterlood. - The film was both beautiful and heartwarming. It was well crafted, with brilliant acting and great music. A feelgood movie that reminded us to create memories and spend time with the ones we love, and not to take them for granted. 


Filmfest UNG Award to El Ángel

The Filmfest UNG- jury consists of students from Tangen High School, who are in their second year, taking courses in media and communication. The Youth Jury presents the UNG Award to the best film in the youth section. This years jury consists of: Aurora Falkum, Christian Reidar Nygaard, Grete Cecilie Hansen, Martin Pettersen Rønning and Phillip F. Eskildsen.

This week we have seen a number of incredible and wonderful films, but It didn't take long for us to find an answer, and for us it was a clear winner. This movie reached out to us because it was incredibly exciting and based on a true story, which gave us an insight into a world that we have never seen before. The film is suitable for youth because the story is told in an entertaining way with humor and charm and we were left with many impressions. The film was incredibly gripping and interesting. The winner is EL ÁNGEL by director Luis Ortega.


The Audience Award went to Super Miss

Everyone visiting the festival are able to vote for their favorite film, and this year the audience awarded SUPER MISS by director Martijn Smits.


Best pitch: Globus – producer Gary Cranner and director Johan Kaos

The jury consisted of Aaage Aaberge (Producer), Christin Berg (Director of Programming for Nordisk Film Kino), Kim Skarning Andersen (CEO in KinoSør) and
Jan Aksel Angeltvedt (Zefyr). 

- The projects presented in the pitching competition was a positive surprise for the jury, both in terms of originality, quality and relevance; from e-­‐sports and data coding to rejection,
environmental protection, friendship and explorations in foreign cultures. The jury's work has therefore been both demanding and rewarding. We hope and believe that several of
the projects will be finalized, and go on to be meet their deserved audience. However, it is a unified jury that was excited about the winning project. A project that takes
on a current and important subject, in an original and exciting way. The jury will praise the winner for presenting a well-­‐thought-­‐out and well-­‐founded project, and we hope the prize
money can contribute to release the qualities of the project and touch the hearts of the intended audience. It is a great honor for us to announce that the winner of this year's pitch competition is: GLOBUS -­‐ by Producer Gary Cranner and Director Johan Kaos.