Barnefilmfestivalen 26. april1. mai 2022


Director: Jan Rabhek

A monster is a friend you haven’t met yet.

Humanity has abandoned Earth after an environmental disaster. The survivors travel in a gigantic spaceship to a planet of fantastic riches that resembles our home planet. The legendary Captain Stark IV leads an exploratory mission and makes the terrifying discovery it’s inhabited by monsters. The autocratic captain decides that humans must remain aboard the ship, which will vacuum up all the planet’s resources until it’s time to move on. But his plans are threatened when eleven-year-old Alfa discovers that a monster has made its way aboard. Alfa finds out the little monster is friendly and decides to help it go back home. An unfortunate series of events sets both Alfa and her new monster friend Nefú down on the planet’s surface. Though terrified of what the monsters might do to her, she manages to get Nefú back to the monsters’ village. There she learns that the spaceship’s resource collector has forced the harmless monsters into fleeing for their lives, all so that the captain and his close associates can continue to live in luxury. Practically nothing remaining of the monsters' forest home. Alfa decides to help her new friends and take action to thwart the captain’s schemes. Will they have any chance of succeeding before it’s too late?

Original title: Monstria
Country: Denmark
Director: Jan Rabhek
Production company: Copenhagen Bombay
Distributor: Copenhagen Bombay Sales
Sales: Alexandra Cruz
Planned release: 2022