Documentary seminar

In collaboration with Sørnorsk filmsenter and PLATTFORM, we invite you to a documentary seminar and panel conversation which will be based on three films which all portrays different aspects affiliated with radicalism.

2nd of May
10:15 at Aladdin Blå
Note that the seminar will be in norwegian/scandinavian

What happens when you change point of view - from one end of the spectrum to the other. What happens to the victims of the extreme consequences of radicalism. Is it possible to come back from extreme viewpoints?

In the film SOLA SCRIPTURA, Signe Tørå Karsrud focus on her dad who goes from being a left wing orientated priest to join the right wing wave in the religious community. In RECONSTRUCTING UTØYA, the director, Carl Javér, gets four of the survivors from 22nd of July to relive their experience to get a better understanding. Karen Winther was formerly active in the extreme right wing community before she realised that she needed to escape the radical mindset and community. She portrays this in the film EXIT.

Following, there will be a panel discussion about radicalism. The filmmakers Carl Javiér, Karen Winther and Signe Tørå Karsrud will be in the panel together with Rose Olsen (Coordinator for preventing radicalization in Agder police district) and Kjetil Gørdum (Scientist at Arkivet/Plattform). The conversation will be moderated by Omar Sadiq (Head of Plattform).