Barnefilmfestivalen April 26—May 1 2022

Upcoming projects from Southern Norway

Sørnorsk filmsenter and Barnefilmfestivalen invites the film industry of Southern Norway to present their upcoming projects. The presentations will be in Norwegian.

Wednesday April 28
at 14:30
Aladdin, Kristiansand
Digitally and on-site

A wide selection of producers and directors from Agder, Vestfold og Telemark present themselves and what's to come for them production-wise. We hope to be able to invite actual local audience members to attend the presentations, but will have to decide based on current restrictions.

The film and gaming industry of southern Norway is more vital then ever and we look forward to presenting some highlights!

As this is scheduled as an on-site event, the recording will not be available until some time after the event has ended.

Head of programming: Ingrid F. Dokka, general manager of Sørnorsk Filmsenter.