European Expert Jury


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Karo Guetens

Festival coordinator and programmer for JEF (Belgium)

Karo Guetens is the festival coordinator and programmer of the JEF festival in Belgium. She has a bachelor's degree in Social Work - Art Mediation and a masters degree in Film studies and Visual Culture. Karo always had a passion for stories, growing up around a lot of books and films. She started at the film festival as a volunteer and is now the programmer. One of her main goals is to engage children and youngsters in as many ways as possible throughout the festival. Her favorite film as a child was, and still is, Jurassic Park. 

Atle Hunnes Isaksen

Atle Hunnes Isaksen

Head of Communication, Norwegian Federation of Film Societies, NFK (Norway)

Atle Hunnes Isaksen holds a Masters degree in Film and Cultural Studies from University of Sunderland. NFK has several children and youth film societies among its members, and works continuously to improve the film catalogue and accommodate increased activity for these members.

Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Head of programme for Buster Film Festival (Denmark)

Mariella Harpelunde Jensen is a screenwriter, director and TV-producer. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She developed and directed the award winning children's TV-series "Barda", "Isas Stepz" and "Dansk Hulebyg". Mariella was also the Writer and Director of the Danish version of "Sesame street", called "Sesamgade". Mariella has written and directed two short films, a number of tv-pilots, and worked for LEGO fonden, ARLA fonden and the Danish Ministry of Education. She has also developed a series of history programmes for DR Ultra.