Barnefilmfestivalen April 22 – 27 2024


KICFF presents the world premiere of a new script development concept.

 In a playful meeting between young audiences and established filmmakers, Trollbundet creates an inclusive forum, which aims to spark and inspire stories for future generations of filmmakers and audiences.
Where normally the audience interacts with a finished film production, we turn the tables and let them be co-creators from the very beginning. Spellbound uses the cinema theatre as a black box which the participants fill together. Sound, music and light cues create atmosphere. Inner images are created through dialogue and association. Nothing “is,” everything is imagined.
Trollbundet wants to create new inroads to original film ideas, enriched by the children’s perspective from the get go. That it is also a crash course in the basis of filmmaking, is not only pedagogical; it’s part of the fun! 
Under the care of the moderator, we seamlessly connect the dots… And a story with a beginning, middle and end is coming together  as the finale of the Trollbundet session. An end which would preferably be regarded as a ‘to be continued' both for the professional as well as for the children. 
Playfulness is key. Trollbundet should feel inspiring and liberating. The bottom line is that the participants share an experience that sparks multiple ways of seeing, talking and thinking about film. In short, it will be magical!
In the 2023 edition, Trollbundet will be held in English. All festival guests are welcome to participate subject to availability.
The moderator is Torbjörn Jansson, screenwriter and development producer. Audiovisual cues and esprit by Maria Elise Thorkildsen, Knuden. Special guests are directors Christian Lo and Ole Tellefsen.
When: April 27th from 10:00–12:00
Where: The Theatre, Kristiansand