Barnefilmfestivalen April 22 – 27 2024

This year's winners

Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival presented in total ten awards this year. Here are the winners.


During KICFF the audience has the opportunity to vote for their favourite feature film during the festival. The winner of the coveted Audience Award 2023 goes to Birk & Magna - The Dark Secret of The Mine 

The winning film premiered at the festival and was the opening film.  

- The Children's Film Festival congratulates the winner. It's great that the opening film won, and that it's a Norwegian film that became the audience's favourite this year, says festival manager Cathrine Sordal 


Pitch Award

The pitch jury has consisted of: Henrik Rafaelsen (actor), Signe Zeilich-Jensen (International advisor Meetings on the Bridge/Acting Head of Programme Netherlands Film Festival) and Ingunn Myklevoll Sjøen (Production advisor and information officer, Mediefondet Zefyr) 

The jury states: 

The jury in this year’s pitching competition would like to thank for a record high participation and high quality of presentations and content of all the eight finalists. We hope to see many of these projects being realized for cinema and television in the near future. 

We have had a difficult task of choosing a winner, but at the same time the jury has unanimously decided on a winner project: 

The jury hopes that this year’s price will give the possibility to further develop a relevant, brave and exciting story. An original script that is both far from our reality, but at the same time feels authentic. The scriptwriter uses an entertaining genre, but also provides room for thought. This story can reconnect a somewhat neglected target group in the cinema biting nails and at the same time reflect on the meaning of friendship and loyalty. 


The winner is: KRYP 
Entered by Benedicte Kolberg  
Producer  Trollbound Entertainment  



The jury has consisted of Trine Aadalen Lo, (Former producer Filmbin), Roy Søbstad (Film Critic) and Christin Berg (Programming director for Nordisk Film Cinemas office in Oslo) 

The jury states: 

The jury have had the pleasure of considering eight feature films in a wide range of genres and age groups. Overall, the quality of the films has been high, and we have had several good candidates to choose between.  

 Firstly, we would like to give a Special Mention to a film that made a strong impression on all of us. With the sea as the framework a beautiful and sore drama about processing grief is played out. 

Young Lena loves the sea and her father, and when he dies, she has problems with accepting her loss. The film shows, in an exquisite, humble, and human way how Lena slowly and gradually comes to terms with the situation.  

This film deserves a life in Norwegian cinemas, and we hope that one of the Norwegian distributors will bring this film to our country. Our Special Mention goes to the Belgian film Ses Sparkle directed by Domien Huyghe. 

We all fell head-over-heels for a feelgood-film of the best sort. And so did the kids we watched the film together with in the packed cinema screen.  

Friendship, acceptance, and courage are key words in this story about a young boy whose life is turned upside down over night. Is it possible to pursue your passion when the preconditions are changed?  

We feel that the film is told from the perspective of the kids and that it dares to challenge prejudices and feelings that rise as a result of the accident.  

Young Dylan refuses to give up despite ending up in a wheelchair, and with the help from good friends and his football hero, he finds his place in the team whilst keeping his self-respect. This film deserves a long life in the cinemas and should be screened to all kids at schools across the country. 

Our unanimous thumbs up goes to the life-affirming film Bigman from the Netherlands, directed by Camiel Schouwenaa.  

Original title: Strijder 
Regissør: Camiel Schouwenaar 

The jury states: 

The jury has considered eight Norwegian short films in different genres and has reached the following unanimous decision: 

Firstly, we would like to give a Special Mention to a film that treats the kids of today and their challenges with utmost respect. The film uses the kids' own language to tell a story that many will recognize themselves in and relate to. We would specifically applaud the use of Ibsen to convey a current topic. With these words we would like to give a flower to the film Vær deg selv nok, directed by Ola Martin Fjeld. 

The prize for the Best Short Film is awarded to a film that in an original way describes a reality that unfortunately will be recognizable for many children. During the pandemic many children experienced a difficult everyday life at home with their parents. The film Home Office by Endre Lund Eriksen tells the story about young Lilly and her alcoholic mother with great compassion, and without pointing any fingers. Beautiful animation makes the topic easier to convey, and the pain is elevated to a near poetic dimension. Our hope is that this sore, warm, and important film will reach a wide audience of all ages. 

Original title: Hjemmekontor 
Directors: Endre Lund Eriksen and Daniel Damm 



The ECFA Award is presented to the best European feature-length film and short film.  

ECFA jury 2023 has consisted of: Ditte Lundsgaard Nielsen (Festival director of ANIMOK), MIREL MESILA (Project Coordinator in Just Film) and Pantelis Panteloglou (President European Children’s Film Association)) 

The jury states:  

A well-produced film, starring compelling young actors, which captures the audience with well-timed humour and blooming emotions. It made us reflect on self-identity and belonging, while also delicately handling vulnerable topics young people experience while growing up.  

The ECFA feature film award goes to “Dancing Queen” by Aurora Gossé from Norway, because “nerds can also dance”. 



When music and moving images merge on the big screen to create an atmospheric, dream-like state, the audience gets immersed in this beautiful universe. This audio-visual lullaby illustrates the experience of dreaming in a subtle, artistic, and comforting way that is relatable for everyone. 

The ECFA short film award goes to “Somni” by Sonja Rohleder from Germany. 

Original title: Somni 
Director: Sonja Rohleder 



In this category the children’s jury saw eight short films. The films ranged from cute to thought-provoking, emotional to hysterically funny.  

The jury states:  

One little word can mean so much and so many different things, we saw that in this 4-minute-46-second-long film.  From expressions of joy going down a slide, to the pains of having a pencil through your hand. One word can say it all.  

This film was really, really funny. After the initial few seconds, we started laughing, and we didn’t stop until long after the film was finished. In fact, we are still laughing now just at the thought of the film. This is a chaotic film, the animation is entertaining, and everything that happens is extremely funny.  This is easily one of our favourite short films of all time.  

The jury’s decision is unAAAAhnimous. 

The winner of the Kids’ Award for Best Short Film is - AAAAh!  

Original title: AAAAh! 
Director: Osman Cerfon. 


The jury states:  

This film was fun, funny, and exciting. A great mix of adventure and misadventure. This is a film for kids that like comedy and action rolled into one. As an audience you are just waiting for the main character to do something which you know always has the potential to go wrong. Terribly wrong!  

From the start of the film the jury was immediately sucked into the atmosphere and action.  

The story, although it is a crazy adventure, is highly relatable with class trips and the drama they usually come with. The trials and tribulations of one of the teachers were particularly enjoyable.  

The film also had some more emotional parts.  The jury particularly liked how the film showed the backstories, and troubles, for both our hero and his bully.  

For these reasons, the winner of the Kids’ Award for Best Feature Film is - Alfons Jitterbit - Class Trip Chaos!  



The jury consists of students from Tangen High School, who are in their second year, taking courses in media and communication. The Youth Jury will present the UNG Award to the best film in the youth section.  

Mates presents itself as a powerful and socially relevant movie. Through the movie we feel sympathy for the characters due to specific events and get an insight into significant problems surrounding drug use and recruitment among young people. 

Winner Best Film in the Youth section 2023: Mates  Original title: Matties 
Director: Ineke Houtman 


The short film, My mother and I, conveys what it is like to grow and become an independent person, and the transition from youth to adult in a realistic matter. The movie also depicts the feeling of being away from a loved one, realizing you took that person for granted. 

Winner Best short film Youth jury 2023: My mother and I 
Original title: Ma Mère et Moi   
Director: Emma Branderhorst