Barnefilmfestivalen April 26—May 1 2022

2021 Awards Winners at Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival

We are happy to announce the recepients of this year's eight awards. It was a big success for French animation, with "Migrants" and "Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary" among the winners.

Here are this year's winners, and jury statements. See the full list at the end of this article.

Industry jury:
The Norwegian industry jury consisted of director Christian Lo, cinema director Jørgen Søderberg Jansen and film critic Cathrine Sordal. They presented the BFF Film Award to the best international kids' film and the BFF Short Film Award to the best Norwegian short film. Here are their winners:

"This year's competition program for Best International Children's Film has taken the jury on a diversified and exiting journey. But one film in particular stood out and took us on a special and very entertaining road trip through Europe. The film has a smart, funny and well-written script with humour suited for both children and adults. The film has a rich and imaginative fictional universe with quirky and colourful characters, and both the characters and the events are exciting and engaging. There is also substance and meaning in all the mayhem, and the filmmaker manages to address difficult topics such as religion, morality, and feeling like an outsider without it ruining the entertainment value. The film will appeal to a wide audience both in terms of gender and age, and has given the jury many wonderful and entertaining moments."

WINNER: The BFF Film Award for Best International Children's Film 2021 goes to the German film «Mission Ulja Funk» by director Barbara Kronenberg.

"This year's competition program for short films has given the jury many good, exciting and interesting film experiences. But one film made us pay extra attention. The film is moving and engaging with beautiful animation and a serious message about climate change as a back drop. In a poetic way, the filmmaker embraces and depicts ancient cultural and folk traditions that remind us of knowledge that has been forgotten, about living in harmony with nature. We are also reminded of how vulnerable and precious all life is. The film is sweet and beautifully animated with a distinct style and signature, and the visual expression suits both content and theme very well."

WINNER: The BFF Short Film Award for Best Norwegian Short Film 2021 goes to «URSA - The Song of the Northern Lights» by director Natalia Malykhina.

HONOURABLE MENTION: The jury would like to give an honourable mention to a youth film that really excited all three of us. The filmmaker has a distinctive voice, and an exciting artistic expression. We look forward to seeing more from this filmmaker in the future.
Honourable mention goes to «Cramps» by Thea Hvistendahl. 

URSA - the Song of the Northern Lights

URSA - the Song of the Northern Lights

The Pitch Competition Jury:
The jury consisted of CEO of KinoSør Kim Skarning Andersen, script consultant Kirsten Bonnén Rask and CEO of Mediefondet Zefyr Magnus Thomassen. They awarded the best pitch, which will receive NOK 100.000. Here is their winner:

"There was a total of 42 submitted projects for this year's competition. Of these, 15 projects qualified for judging and finally eight projects were invited to pitch for the jury. In an otherwise demanding time for the entire film industry, it is very gratifying to see projects of high quality, and with such great variation in the choice of genre, format and theme.

This year's winner is something as unique as a post-apocalyptic road movie, for a young audience. In the midst of a global pandemic, the dystopian backdrop may feel uncomfortably close and relevant, but this is first and foremost a captivating story about two sisters’ care for, and dependence on, each other and a tale of loss, hope and love. The jury finds it refreshing to see a project that deals with life’s big questions in such an original way, and we are thrilled by the tough, smart and multidimensional heroine of the story."

WINNER: It is a great pleasure to announce that the winner of this year's pitch competition is «HØSTEN» by Kristian Landmark.

Children's Jury:
The Barn i byen jury consisted of Danial, Enya, Gard, Kristine, Markus and Tristan (aged 12-14). They awarded the Barn i byen Film Award to the best feature film and the best short film. Here are their winners:

"The six of us in the jury do not share the same taste in movies. And we've had a few fun, but at times heated, discussions along the way. We were not in total agreement on who the winner of best short film should be as there were some wonderful films in this category. But we all agree we have chosen a very worthy winner. We loved the winning film's creative animation and its incredible level of details. How the films starts with minimal colours and how all the colours emerge as the polar bears reach the forest. Without a single spoken word, the film has a clear message about difficult subjects such as climate change, pollution, racism, migration and displacement. It is a sad film, but it also manages to spread child friendly activism."

WINNER: For its creative animation and its important messages, we proudly present the Barn i byen Film Award for best short film 2021 to «Migrants» by Hugo Caby, Zoé Devise, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak og Lucas Lermytte.

"Again, the jury was slightly divided. After an enjoyable deliberation we all agree we have selected an exceptional winner. We loved the film's unique animation and absolutely gorgeous design. We have not seen animation like this in a feature film before. We loved the main character’s drive, how she keeps going and never gives up, even if this means being very unconventional in her time. This is a good example to us all. The story drew us in from the start and at times we were on the edge of our seats, waiting to see what happens next. The music was stunning and complimented the film beautifully. This is a film that we can watch again and again, and it is a film that really deserves to win."

WINNER: For its wonderful animation, its brilliant character and storyline, beautiful music, and great moral we are delighted to present the Barn i Byen Film Award for best feature film 2021 to «Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary».



This year's UNG jury consisted of Aleksander, Håvard, Kaja, Max, Morten Pia, Stian and Theodor, who are all students at Tangen high school. They awarded the best youth film for both feature film and short film. Here are their winners:

"The winner is a film that shows the relationship between a donor child and her father who have never met. The concept is presented in a new and interesting way with various activities that are supposed to get them to know one another and "kick start" their relationship. The acting is good and very believable. With a refreshing concept and great movie making techniques, we think this movie deserves the title of best film."

WINNER: The UNG Award for best short film goes to «Papapa» by Kerren Lumer-Klabbers.

"The winning film is a movie about a teenage girl struggling to take care of herself and her brother, after being abandoned by their single mother. It's a great movie about struggle and finding joy in the struggle. The actors convey proper emotion and are very believable. The cinematography is good and the use of mobile camera clips feels natural, something that many films fail to do. With all of this we think this movie deserves the title of Best Feature Film."

WINNER: The UNG Award for best feature film goes to «Rocks» by Sarah Gavron.

The ECFA Jury:
The 2021 ECFA Jury consisted of Atle Hunnes Isaksen (Norway), Mariella Harpelunde Jensen (Denmark) and Kevin De Ridder (Belgium). They presented the ECFA Prize to the best European children's film, which qualifies it to compete for the title of Best European Children's Film of 2021, which is awarded at the Berlinale Film Festival. Here is their winner:

"The awarded film is a beautifully animated film set in a historical context. With its vibrant nostalgic depiction of nature and its distinct narrative style, we see a director that is ready to put his mark on European children’s film. He has made a film that will appeal to children of all ages.

The film tells the story of a brave girl who dares to follow her own paths, on her way to settle with her family in Oregon, USA in the middle of the 19th century. By taking on and mastering tasks usually handled by men in that period, she struggles to gain respect in her own community. The story plays on values of following your inner voice, loving your family, but also about daring to include new people in your heart. A timeless message so elegantly told."

WINNER: The ECFA-prize at Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 2021 goes to «Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary» by Rémi Chayé.



The 2021 Award Winners at Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival are:

  • Best International Children's Film: "Mission Ulja Funk" by Barbara Kronenberg
  • Best Norwegian Short Film: "URSA - the Song of the Northern Lights" by Natalia Malykhina
    • Honourable Mention: "Cramps" by Thea Hvistendahl
  • Best Pitch: "Høsten" by Kristian Landmark
  • Barn i byen's Best Film Award: "Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary" by Rémi Chayé
  • Barn i byen's Best Short Film Award: "Migrants" by Hugo Caby, Zoé Devise, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak og Lucas Lermytte
  • UNG Award for Best Feature Film: "Rocks" by Sarah Gavron
  • UNG Award for Best Short Film: "Papapa" by Kerren Lumer-Klabbers
  • ECFA Prize: "Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary" by Rémi Chayé