Club Of Ugly Children

And the winner is..

The kids' jury have selected the best film from the online festival

For the fourth year running KICFF has teamed up with Barn i Byen, a local family magazine, responsible for the kids’ jury. But what happens when the film festival goes online? The jury follows suit, obviously!

A year like no other
They eagerly accepted the task, the six members of the children’s jury, when they were asked if they wanted to judge four films that they would have judged in KICFF this spring.

Usually the kids’ jury watch the films in their category together at the cinema, followed by a jury meeting after each film where they discuss the film they just saw before awarding it points on a scale from 1 to 10. After the points are added up, they have a winner. In 2020, the year that has been like no other year, the process was a little different. Some of the jurors watched a couple of the films with their classmates in their respective classrooms at school, whereas the others watched the films online at home. And rather than a meeting following each film, the jury had one joint meeting on Zoom at the end.

The four films the kids’ jury watched were: Summer Rebels (2020), Summer with Rana (2019), Rocca changes the world (2019) and The Club of Ugly Children (2019). Four vastly different films, with different paces and rather different themes. When you have a jury consisting of six members, you usually have six different opinions. But on this occasion the jury were almost in unison, with five of the jurors agreeing on which film they liked the best. When all the points were added up it was clear the winner was The Club of Ugly Children.

Important message
The Dutch film is about a cruel president who wants to get rid of all the children who are different. After having their photos taken at school some of the kids are sent off on what they are led to believe is an exclusive school trip. It turns out they are heading to an internment camp. One of the children is Paul, who not only decides to escape he also decides to fight the president. It is an action-packed film and several of the jury members liked how the music and the filming suited the pace and the story. Some would have like more background information on the ‘ugly kids’ at the start of the film.

But what the jury emphasised the most was the message in The Club of Ugly Children. Both how true to life the film was, if you substitute ‘ugly kids’ with other subject matters and that it is ok to look and be different, everyone can make a difference.

Usually a new jury is selected each year.
But due to this year being so different Danial, Enya, Gard, Kristine, Markus and Tristan will stay on as the children’s jury and participate in KICFF in April / May 2021 as well.