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EFA Young Audience Award

Kristiansand International Children's film festival is on a mission to find Norway's first jury for European Film Academy Young Audience Award. This will be the first time Norway participates with their own jury in this acknowledged competition.

The jury will consist of 20 Norwegian 12-14 year olds, and there will be corresponding juries in 60 cities, from 40 different countries!

Due to the coronavirus the EFA Young Audience Award will be held online this year. The movies will be watched from the 23rd - 25th of April, via the online streaming platform "Festival Scope". The voting will be held Sunday the 26th of April. There will also be an online discussion about the movies and the participants will have the opportunity to ask both actresses and directors questions. 




We can't wait to see witch movie will be the winner of EFA Young Audience Awards this year!