Barnefilmfestivalen April 26—May 1 2022

Yes, It's happening!

The festival takes place from the 27th of April to the 2nd of May - digitally.

Even after a whole year of Covid-19, handwashing, and social distancing it is difficult to plan exactly how the next month, week, or even day, will look. This goes for large events and daily life in general. But we can promise you one thing: there will be a festival in 2021!

This year’s festival dates are April 27th until May 2nd. Due to restrictions regarding distancing, number of audience members and travel, the festival will not be an ordinary festival this year either. We are not allowed to fill the movie theatres with enthusiastic children and youth or invite exciting guests from Norway and beyond. Thankfully, we are able to make festival vibes, nonetheless.

The 2021 festival will be a combination of digital screenings and physical screenings, in other words streaming and cinema. A large portion of this year’s program will be available on a digital platform that is tailored for nurseries, schools, and participants from the film industry. Last year we developed a digital platform that was used by schools in the county of Agder. The feedback from teachers and students last year was overwhelmingly positive. During the extraordinary year of 2020 we actually ended up with an all-time high audience participation from the schools – we ended on just under 15,000 tickets. We take with us this platform and the experiences from last year to this year’s festival. We are planning a record number of film workshops that we are sending out on a tour of different schools over a two-week period.

At the same time, we are working on having a number of proper cinema screenings as well. Much as though we are happy to be able to stream film digitally, there is no doubt in our hearts that film is best enjoyed at the cinema. So, we want to cherish and keep this arena that we hope we can return to with a complete program already by next year.  This year’s program will include a good mix of previews, premiers, and popular reruns. We have films from Norway, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Sudan and many more! So, come back later and find out which films we are referring to – we are releasing the complete program by mid-March.

Sadly, the traditional family day outside the cinema will not go ahead, but we are planning something totally new and exciting, that we hope we can reveal shortly!

Normally we welcome a number of guests from Norway and abroad to the ‘Norwegian riviera’ during the festival week. In addition to a full film program, we have a tradition of inviting our guests on boat trips in the beautiful skerries, a tour of the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, and a prawn dinner under the stars at Odderøya, and island connected to Kristiansand. As travel is not an option these days there will be digital platforms for this target audience. We are in the process of producing a large Nordic conference, supported by among others Creative Europe, the Norwegian Film institute, and the Nordic Culture Fund. We can actually offer more content for the industry this year, as well as traditional elements such as the pitching competition and Films on the Horizon which will go ahead as always, but digitally.

Unfortunately the film programme will only be available in Norway, but we do offer a big industry programme for accredited guests.
Read more about the programme HERE - and you can fill out the accreditation form HERE.