Barnefilmfestivalen April 22 – 27 2024

School of Magical Animals


The charming live-action adventure with CGI animated animals about an unusual school, where the children receive a magical animal as a companion, centres on the new girl Ida, who goes from being an outsider to the star student thanks to her magical animal, the talking fox Rabbat.

Ida has had to move to another town and is now the “new girl” at the Winterstein School. She has a hard time in the new class: the bitchy Helene makes sure that Ida has scant chance of making any friends, and there is only one place left for her on the first day of school - next to the outsider Benni. One day, her teacher introduces the children to Mortimer Morrison who travels the world looking for "magical animals". Each of these animals is destined to become a child's soul mate. Of all people, newcomer Ida and outsider Benni are the first in the class to have magical companions! From now on, Benni has the ancient, wise turtle Henrietta at his side and Ida the cunning fox Rabbat. When objects keep disappearing at school, the children and the magical animals have to stick together to solve the mystery of the school thief.

A strong, original and incomparable story: translated into over 20 languages and published in such territories as China, Japan, South Korea, all of Eastern Europe, the Nordic region, Israel, Turkey, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, THE SCHOOL OF MAGICAL ANIMALS is one of the most successful children's and young people's book series with over 4.8 million copies sold in German-speaking countries. The warm-hearted cinema adventure for the whole family is based on Margit Auer's wonderful novels. Director Gregor Schnitzler (“The Cloud”) beautifully translated the essence of the books along with impressive visuals into an exceptional children’s film. Animation director Tomer Eshed (Lumatic Animation & VFX) created the likable, funny and very special characters Rabbat, Henrietta and Pinkie, the animal stars who play such decisive roles in this feature film. 

The successful producer Kordes & Kordes Film Süd ("Four Minutes") adapted the book series for the big screen for the first time - with a budget of almost 10 million Euros and as a co-production with Wega Film (Vienna) and Leonine, who will also release the film theatrically in Germany in February 2021.


Saturday 29. April
kl. 13:45
Sunday 30. April
kl. 12


Germany, Austria
For all ages
Classes 5-7
Original title
Die Schule der magischen Tiere
Gregor Schnitzler
Feature film
1t 29m