Laster Youth program...
Feature film
BERABER Still 4.png

When his father decides to move from the Netherlands to a posh gated community in Istanbul, 14-year old Zeki befriends

12+ 1t 24m
Short film
The Ruse

When two bullied teenagers find themselves stuck together in a bathroom, they have to think quick to elaborate a plan

12+ Drama 10m
Feature film
01 STILL BM 007.jpg
Baghdad Messi

Nothing stops Hamoudi from playing football

12+ 1t 27m
Mighty Afrin: In The Time Of Floods

As the mighty Brahmaputra River rises, 12-year-old Afrin must leave the only world she knows

9+ 1t 31m
Feature film

Trine refuses to fly

6+ 1t 19m
Feature film
Keplersextob3 (1).jpeg
Kepler 6B

Can Zaida save her neighbour, or will they be trapped in space forever?

12+ Sci-Fi 1t 37m
Four Daughters

Oscar-nominated documentary that leaves a deep impression

12+ Documentary 1t 47m
Feature film
Sister & Sister

A warm summer in Panama

15+ Drama 1t 20m
Feature film
Take a Chance on Me

Friendships can form in the most unlikely places

12+ Drama 1t 43m
Feature film
The Lost Boys

Love behind bars

15+ LGBT 1t 25m
Feature film
When the fuck.jpeg
When Fucking Spring Is in the Air

Feel good road movie about Kasia - rebellious and pregnant - and her fucked up family.

12+ Drama 1t 50m
Short film
Box Cutters_3.jpg
Box Cutters

A young woman recalls a day when she was attacked by three men on her way home.

12+ Animation 8m
Short film

For almost half a century, Don Ritchie would approach people contemplating suicide at the edge of a cliff.

12+ Animation 7m
Feature film
Milk Teeth

In a dystopian world ruled by fear and superstition, Skalde must save a small child from death

15+ Drama 1t 37m
Feature film
Paradise Is Burning

Three sisters do everything they can to stay together when their mother leaves them

15+ Drama 1t 48m
Feature film
Mr- Freeman2.jpg
Mr. Freeman
15+ Drama 1t 33m
Feature film
AHD_Stills 3_Snowfall CinemaLukasz Zamaro.jpg
A Happy Day

A leader who cannot lead, a guide who does not know the way and a dreamer who hangs on

9+ Drama 1t 53m
Ibelin credit Bjorg Engdahl Medieop.jpg

The award-winning documentary that has touched the world

Documentary 1t 44m
Short film

A girl grapples with her sister's untimely death, finding comfort in an imagined reality where they grew up together.

15+ 15m
Short film
curasana1 (1).jpg
Cura Sana
12+ 18m
Short film
Bilde 12-03-2024 klokken 18-32.jpeg

Isak had to choose. Should he be loyal to his best friend, or should he follow his passion.

9+ Drama 11m
Feature film
Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person

A girl vampire without bloodthirst and a suicidal boy make for a great love story

12+ Drama 1t 30m
Short film
Skjermbilde 2023-05-22 kl- 07-23-52.jpeg
Face the Wind

When you see no other options, where do you go?

12+ Drama 29m
Feature film
12+ Drama 2t 05m
And the king said1.jpeg
Feature film
Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

IMDB — A girl with unusual powers escapes from a mental asylum and tries to make it on her own in New Orleans.

15+ Thriller 1t 46m
Short film
Nun or Non-still-04.jpeg
Nun or Never!

A nun digs a man up from the ground and loses her grip on everyday life. Contact: Miyu Distribution

Animation 11m
Feature film
min fantastiske fremmed3.jpeg
My Wonderful Stranger
12+ Drama 1t 50m
Short film
WAIT 1.jpg
12+ 11m
Feature film
young heart 2.jpeg
Young Hearts
9+ Drama 1t 37m
Feature film
Still 16.png
Dead Men Skiing
15+ Crime 1t 30m
Short film
Kortung (600 X 600 Px)
Short film
Kortnojse (600 X 600 Px)