Barnefilmfestivalen April 2530 2023

Welcome to KICFF

About The Festival

Kristiansand International Children´s Film Festival is one of the biggest cultural events for children and youth in Norway, and the only film festival of that size targeting young audiences. So get your accreditation and come join the fun.

About Kristiansand

As you are coming to Kristiansand, we want you to make the most of your stay here.
During the festival our guest team is standing by to help you. They’ve got all the local knowledge. And if you have any questions before you arrive, please don’t hesitate to contact our festival coordinator Mathea Roland at


This years festival will be held from the April 25th to April 30th 2023. We are pleased to invite you to come visit our festival in the beautiful city of Kristiansand, and spend a few days with us packed with films from all over the world, activities, industry events, and social gatherings.

Industry Days

Welcome to the Industry Days at KICFF!

Awards at KICFF

This year's awards will be announced on Friday the 29th of April 2023.

Conference 2023

The conference will present a dream meeting with Michel Ocelot and a masterclass with Kajsa Næss, and we will be introduced to the new technology behind "Three Robbers and a Lion" and an exciting panel debate about original content in children's films and television programs in the midst of special effects, AI and algorithms. The conference will be held on Friday April 28th from 09.00 to 15.30.