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About Kristiansand

As you are coming to Kristiansand, we want you to make the most of your stay here. During the festival our guest team is standing by to help you. They’ve got all the local knowledge. And if you have any questions before you arrive, please don’t hesitate to contact our festival coordinator Mathea Roland at


When you think of Norway you might automatically think of steep fjords and snowy mountains. You will not find much of that in Kristiansand. (In fact, our highest hill is only a mere 414 metres above sea level.) But what you will find may be quite a charming discovery!

The landscape around town is quite gentle, with its forest clad hills and a gorgeous coastline dotted with islands and skerries.

Kristiansand town centre is small, cosy, and super easy to get around. It has a lot to offer and almost everything can be found within walking distance. There are some excellent restaurants, lovely cafes, and a wide range of cultural attractions and activities. If you bring children with you to KICFF, there is more than plenty for them to enjoy here too.

Be aware that the weather can change quickly during the festival in April. You might experience three seasons in only a few days. But generally, the temperature in Kristiansand at the end of April is quite comfortable. 

If you want to read more about Kristiansand, check out Visit Norway’s website 


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